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Frequently Asked Questions

What's ChatRyde? is a community-driven communication chat rooms developed by the CashRyde Directory to provides free transportation information and support to those who need it. Join today and connect with people who share your transportation needs. Whether you're a driver or a rider, you'll find the help you need on Chatryde. Visit us at to sign up for free.
How to create an account ?
Click on the register button found on the ChatRyde homepage and fill in your full name and email address, then create a username and password, and add your about me information. Agree to the service terms, check I'm not a robot then click on the register button.
How to delete an account ?
Log into your account and click on your profile picture and select Edit Profile. Scroll down to the end and choose Yes to deactivate the account then click on the update button.
How to Join a group?
Click on the three dots of the group you want to join and then select Join the group.
How to leave a group?
Click on the three dots of the group you want to join and then select leave group.
Send text, photos, stickers or voice messages in chat room.
Start or join a conversation, then click the following options at the bottom next to the text box. Upload a photo, choose a sticker, attach files, choose emojis, or record a voice clip.
Why I can not send more photos?
If you can't upload any more files it's because you have used all the allowed disk space. Try cleaning up your old files by navigating to the "Storage" option in the menu and deleting some files for more space.
Can users share links in goups ?
Yes, we will only monitor links shared in public groups. Any inappropriate links will be deleted and the user who posted them might get blocked. However, users can share whatever they want in private chats.
Can users chat privately ?
Yes, users can chat in private groups created by admins or chat with another user privately.
What about my privacy? Is my information secure?
Yes, your information is 100% secure since our website is hosted by a secure provider.