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Transportation Service

CashRyde provides a safe and secure platform that connects riders and local drivers. Riders can use our app to schedule and pay for rides to grocery stores, shopping malls, and local retail stores. Drivers can set their own schedules and work when they want to. Drivers maintain their own vehicles so that passengers feel comfortable at all times.

Transportation Service

CashRyde for Riders

Do you need a ride to the grocery store or local retail outlet? Use the CashRyde app today to schedule and pay for rides wherever and whenever you want! We offer low-cost transportation to those who need a ride to and from shopping centers and other places.

Since our drivers know the area, riders can expect timely pick-up and drop-off services. You can easily schedule a ride home when you're ready. Don't take the bus or other local transportation – schedule safe, comfortable rideshare services when you need it by using our convenient app today!

CashRyde for Drivers

The CashRyde mobile app helps connect shoppers with local taxi-cab drivers whenever they need a ride. CashRyde does not take a commission for our services, which means drivers keep all the money they earn for each trip they make. Our drivers set their own schedules and drive their own vehicles.

If you're looking for a great way to earn money, join CashRyde today. We're looking for local drivers who know the communities where they live to transport riders to and from local shopping centers, malls, retail shops, and other commercial businesses.

We believe in the power of local economies. We connect riders and drivers who live in the same areas because it just makes sense. Our riders receive quality customer service and quick transportation, while our drivers can feel confident picking up more riders during the day because all the trips remain local. All money spent and earned remains in the local economy, which is best for everyone who lives there.


Transportation Service

Rider Members Benefits

Riders can join for free and start using the service as soon as they sign up. Whenever you request a driver, it usually takes 10 minutes for a car to arrive at your doorstep. During this brief time, the rider can track the location and movement of the car. Riders can pay their fare through various options including cash, digital wallet, online payments, and Credit Card. Signup Here


Drivers Directory
With the driver directory, you can find and contact drivers with cars you like at the prices you can afford. Find drivers for local & long-distance trips or last-mile transport to airports, bus & train stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants. Your choice!

No Credit Card Needed
While everyone else in the industry accepts only credit card payments, CashRyde has taken a bold step by allowing its members to negotiate prices ahead of time pay in cash or contactless with PayPal, CashApp, or Square payments.

Favorite List
Are you only comfortable getting into rides with people whom you know? The platform enables riders to request a preferred driver and add them to their ‘Favorite Driver’ list.

Drivers Rating
There's a 5-star rating system available for rider members to read or rate drivers about safety, behavior, courtesy, driving skills, and wait times. The feedback provided by riders helps the platform to improve the level of service and the overall rider experience.

Tracking App
Our tracking app for riders allows users to hail and track the nearest available driver to their location, The app displays the estimated fare and riders can request rides via the app without using a credit card.

Call Center
The trustworthy option of picking up your phone and directly dialing or texting personal drivers within the community for their services anytime anywhere.

Auto Dispatcher
The AI chatbots help riders book rides, and signal the drivers nearest your location, and inform them of your ride requests. This chat-bot feature is available on the CashRyde platform, FB messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and by phone.

OnDemand Booking
Our OnDemand service offers the next generation of car-booking. The platform allows riders to make future booking appointments with the same driver for arrangements to travel at a later date and time.



Drivers Members Benefits

You can create a basic private listing profile for free. Just edit in your info with our pre-writing templates, set your own schedule & destinations, and start earning money by driving in your local community. Make a 100% profit and keep everything you have earned on all trips. Signup Here

Getting started is easy with our pre-designed templates, all a user has to do is key in his or her information to personalize the account. New drivers can join the the platform as a private driver for free and promote themselves in any way they like. While the private listings are not shared on the CashRyde platform, Drivers are provided with a link where they can promote themselves to people they already know, or by sharing the profile link to local social media groups.

Moreover, they still get to use most of the CashRyde features available, such as the rating system, favorite list and our listing messaging service to grow their business. If they want to be shown on the CashRyde platform they must upgrade their account by paying a small annual fee of only $14.95. If they want to upgrade to a premium account and additional features, they can do so by paying a small monthly charge starting at $19.99. CashRyde’s premium listings are displayed on the platform and their promotion is the responsibility of the company. The premium driver members are fully verified through a rigorous background check.

Get Started for Free
You can create a basic private listing profile for free. Set your own schedule & destinations, just edit in your info with our pre-writing templates and start earning money by driving in your local community. Make a 100% profit and get everything you have earned on a trip. There are no hidden charges involved.

Displayed on Platform
Get your driver profile listed locally on the CashRyde directory, created for local rider members to quickly spot your provided driver services and review your listing then contact you directly.

Message System
Your clients can easily reach out to you with our pre-written, tailored messages connecting passengers directly with you the driver to discuss arrangements and to negotiate price.

Payment Gateway
Offer your clients more than one way to pay for your services. You can easily collect payments in cash or from other platforms like PayPal, Square, or CashApp for contactless payment.

Rating System
Get reviews from your riders to boost your business. Your clients can comment or give feedback about your service, and other potential clients can see their reviews.

Listing Upgrade
Once you upgrade to this service, there wouldn't be any need for you to promote your new rideshare business because we'll help you find new clients.

Call Center
Driver Member can opt-in to receive calls from Rider Members. Answer local calls anytime. Accept to pick-up Rider or not by forwarding back to the group of local drivers.

OnDemand Booking
Driver Members can opt-in to accept an advance booking. A great way for rider members to lock down rides from you. Like rides back and forth to work, grocery shopping, or hospital visits. You set the rules.

Dispatcher Requests
Drivers are invited to slack backend office where all ride request flows too: It's where the information is shared, and the tools for drivers to come together and get things done.

Driver ID Number
A unique id number that can be used for a direct search on the site to your driver profile listing. A great way to promote yourself using our free online and offline driver resource tools.



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