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Posted on Dec 1, 2019

When it comes to ridesharing apps, there are plenty of options available for both drivers and passengers looking for such a platform in the USA. But what if you have a completely personalized platform where you can start your own community and use your own car to drive passengers to their destinations?

CashRyde is a local ridesharing app that stands out in the market of ridesharing apps for the several driver benefits and rider benefits they provide. Unlike other giants in the industry of online cabs, CashRyde operates through a completely different set of techniques.

It is basically a driver to hire platform that connects passengers and drivers within communities. The entire process is completely seamless and tailored to meet the requirements of both ends. Along with this, unlike other ridesharing apps, if you are a driver, CashRyde lets you keep all the money you have earned on a trip.

Key Features with the CashRyde Platform

Along with several driver benefits and rider benefits offered by the platform, there are some key features that make CashRyde stand out from other local ride-sharing apps in New York and other parts of the U.S.

Passenger to driver direct interaction.


Passengers and drivers are allowed to agree on a price before a trip.


More than a ridesharing app, it is like a scheduling app for drivers and passengers within the community.


Mode of payment can be decided upon mutual agreement between drivers and passengers.


Easy on-demand booking/appointment scheduling.


Huge list of local drivers with cars at affordable prices.


Find drivers near you for quick and easy pick up as well as to deliver your food to you.


AI Chatbot for improved services and assistance.


Directly dial the number of your personal driver within the community. Anytime and anywhere.


A few special benefits for riders & drivers
We focus on premium and seamless services and offer various benefits to both riders and drivers on our platform. All we do is create a seamless link between local drivers with cars and passengers in need of their services.

Rider Benefits we offer:

  • No credit card required for payments. Drivers accept cash.
  • Pick drivers with cars you like or want at an affordable price.
  • Contact drivers directly & book them based on your needs.
  • Negotiate directly with drivers about prices before a ride.
  • Ride with local drivers who know the area.
  • Leave reviews and rate drivers from 1-5
  • Add cars/drivers to your favorite.

Free Registration for Riders


Driver Benefits we offer:

  • Make 100% profit and get everything you have earned on a trip.
  • Connect with passengers directly and negotiate prices.
  • Collect payment in any payment mode you want
  • Get reviews from your riders to boost your business.
  • Pre-writing templates, just edit in your info.
  • Set your own schedule & destinations.

Drivers Get Started for FREE!



CashRyde is one of the most popular ridesharing or scheduling platforms. Whether you are a driver or a rider, make profits, and get convenient rides, anytime, anywhere. Join our drivers or riders community and find local drivers and passengers all across the USA.

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