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We understand you might have questions. View our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and let us help you with your needs. Contact us today!



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CashRyde - FAQ's

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What is CashRyde?

CashRyde is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour.


How does CashRyde Delivery work?

Go to to browse nearby drivers within your delivery zone.
You can contact drivers simply by checking inside the detail section of their driver profile listing and click the "Contact Driver" link or any other options that drivers choose to be contacted, like by phone, or booking. When the driver contacts you, please inform the driver of your request.

After you order your CashRyde, place your order with a store or restaurant and pre-paid for that order to complete your delivery. Your CashRyde driver will act as your personal assistant that you can text or call throughout the entire delivery, so if you decide you need to make any changes, text, or call your CashRyde to let them know.

You can track your delivery via the app and pay cash directly to the driver or with a credit card through the driver profile listing or the Ride Connect app. All payment information is secure and never stored on our servers.


How does CashRyde Rideshare work?

Go to or download the Ride Connect app to browse nearby drivers.
You can contact drivers simply by checking inside the detail section of their driver profile listing and click the "Contact Driver" link or any other options that drivers choose to be contacted by, like phone calls, or booking appointments. When the driver contacts you, please inform the driver of your pick-up, drop-off addresses, and time of service.

CashRydes act as your personal assistant that you can text or call throughout the entire delivery, so if you decide you need to make any changes, text, or call your CashRyde to let them know.

You can track your delivery via the app and pay cash directly to the driver or with a credit card through the driver profile listing or the app. All payment information is saved securely and never stored on our servers.


Is CashRyde a rideshare app?

Yes/No CashRyde was developed as a driver finder & scheduling site that can be used by all types of drivers and transportation companies. However, we do share a downloadable mobile app to allow passengers and drivers more location details for the time of your travel.


What are the Top features on the CashRyde platform?

  • We accept cash, Unlike most rideshare apps, no credit cards are needed to request or pay for rides.
  • We allow passengers to save a list of their favorite drivers and request them.
  • We allow passengers & drivers to agree upon the price of a ride & the ability to set hourly and daily rates.
  • We allow passengers to customize their rides. They can pick a male or female driver, they can choose a luxury car for that perfect occasion or pick a car with child seats, bike rack, wifi, etc.
  • We do not take any percentage of the rides you book. No more giving up 20-30% of your fares. Our service is free for (private) driver profile listings and we charge less than $1/a day for (public) driver profiles listings and it’s free for rider members. That’s it. You can accept payments in any form in which you like and have immediate access to your money.
  • Our Drivers Directory - With the CashRyde driver's directory, you can find and contact drivers with cars you like at the prices you can afford. Your choice!
  • Our rideshare app - can be easily downloaded to find drivers in your area for any pick-up or drop-off transit services, with the option of paying with cash.
  • Our Auto Dispatcher Services - Request drivers at any time with our AI auto dispatcher service.
  • Our Call Center Services - The trustworthy option of picking up the phone and dialing a private driver directly for their services is available through CashRyde.
  • Our On-Demand Booking Service - On-demand booking has never been easier with our appointment scheduling service.


How is CashRyde Different From Other Driver Network Sites?

Unlike other driver network sites that have ad listings for thousands of different types of drivers, CashRyde is focused on one thing: The local communities drivers with their own vehicles (small business owner-operators), and professional drivers by posting driver profile listings on the CashRyde Platform.

As an independent driver, you can find new driving opportunities in two ways:

  1. Respond to rider's requests.
  2. Advertise your driving profile listing in your local area.

We also provide additional driver resources, including:

  • Sending instant email alerts when ride requests are posted to you.
  • A Driver ID number which can be used for a direct search to your driver profile listing.
  • Driver Resources to help you find on-line and off-line riders for your business and more.


Are you expanding?

We will absolutely be expanding into new cities and areas. We started out in the Capital Region area of New York and quickly expanding into 263 cities/counties in 24 States in North America. 


If you have additional questions, please email the CashRyde team at


Riders - FAQ's

xxxxxxx In Development xxxxxxxxx


Do you allow payment through the app?

  • Yes, we allow payments through the app. Whether it’s cash, credit card, PayPal, or Cash App, you get to choose. Payments are made directly to the driver using their choice of payment methods.

Therefore, we do not keep any credit card information for passengers on file. This flexible pay also allows drivers to get access to their monies faster. No matter the payment method.


How do I make payment for rides?

Drivers and passengers have the option to agree upon a price and payment method before the ride. Payments for rides are paid directly to the driver in cash or other means determined by that driver found on listing or app. 


How do I use on-demand booking?

To use on-demand booking, simply follow the below 4 steps.

  • Search for drivers in your community and look for listings that offer "on-demand booking".
  • Once you find a driver who offers on-demand booking click on the listing and looks for the link in the details section "On-Demand Booking"
  • You will be forwarded to the On-Demand Booking. Select pickup time and enter Pick-up / Drop-off location.
  • Enter the best way for the driver to contact you and wait for a driver to contact you.


How do I sign up as a rider member?



What can I have delivered with CashRyde?

Almost anything! We deliver prepaid food from your favorite restaurants, dry cleaning, grocery stores, and more!


How do I report a problem with my CashRyde Driver?

If there is an issue with your in-progress CashRyde driver, you can contact your local CashRyde admin team directly by phone. If your CashRyde is complete, or you cannot get in contact with your CashRyde driver, contact the CashRyde Support Team. 1-518-348-9007 ext: (0)


Should I tip my CashRyde?

CashRyde support team works hard to make sure every CashRyde happens without any issues. We suggest tipping your CashRyde driver based on the cost of the service and the distance traveled (minimum of $2).


What do I do if I need to contact my CashRyde driver?

Your CashRyde driver is a text or phone call away! When your CashRyde driver is in progress, you’ll be able to text message or place a phone call to get in touch with your CashRyde driver.


Who makes the deliveries?

Our trusty CashRydes deliver drivers. All Public CashRydes drivers listed on the platform are screened and go through a background check process before they begin to run CashRydes.


Can I order CashRyde driver services in advance?

"Rideshare" can be ordered in advance with our On-Demand Booking feature which allows rider members the ability to schedule pick-ups and drop-off for months ahead of time. However not all driver profile listings opt-in to offer this feature.

"Deliveries" are on-demand, at the time you need it. Although our average delivery takes 35 minutes, we recommend placing your CashRyde for about 30 minutes – 1 hour ahead of time. We also offer On-Demand Booking for future pickups.


What is the delivery fee for CashRyde?

Our standard delivery fee for finding a CashRyde driver is FREE, however, the driver has a fee he or she wishes to charge. CashRyde has a suggested fee for local services but we do not enforce the suggested fee on the drivers. -- suggested fees may vary by geographic area. Our suggested fee is normally between $3 - $5.


How quickly do these drivers deliver?

The average delivery time is 35 minutes, but times can vary depending on demand, traffic, and restaurant wait times. Your driver will keep you posted on the status of your order via texts or phone calls.


How do I pay for a CashRyde?

All payment is made directly to the driver which accept all major credit, debit cards, PayPal, Cash App, and more. But best of all... these drivers accept cash.


If you have additional questions, please email the CashRyde team at


Drivers - FAQ's

xxxxxxx In Development xxxxxxxxx


Does CashRyde pay for gas?

  • No CashRyde does not pay for your gas.

When working as a CashRyde driver, you are considered an independent contractor, meaning you will be responsible for any of your own expenses incurred.


How do I find a match? Can I choose my riders?

You decide who you want to pick up, 4 ways to find your rider:

  1. Receive requests from riders directly from your driver profile listing.
  2. Receive requests from riders using On-Demand Booking.
  3. Receive ride requests from Auto Dispatcher Chat-bots.
  4. Receive ride requests by phone from our Call Center. 


What are the rules for drivers imposed by CashRyde?

Drivers are in business for themselves, therefore they set the rules. ALL we ask is for drivers to Adhere to our Code of Conduct at all times so we can all make our platform a safer and better one.

  1. Safety First - Abide by traffic laws. Drive safely and buckle up!
  2. Communicate - Be clear about location, date, and timing. Confirm with a call if needed.
  3. Be Punctual - We all have important appointments to keep.
  4. Commitment - Keep to your words. Be considerate!
  5. Respect - Show mutual respect. Don’t eat, drink or smoke when a rider is in the car.


Can I become a driver member?

Yes! You can apply to be a CashRyde Driver. For questions about the application process, head to our Applicant FAQ.


What type of vehicle do I need?

  • Ridesharing - We currently require vehicles with 4 doors / 4 seat belts, plus the driver’s seat belt totaling 5 people, your vehicle must be 12 years old or newer.
  • Deliveries - We currently require vehicles or truck with 2-4 doors, your vehicle must be 15 years old or newer.

The majority of rider members on CashRyde are looking for drivers with these vehicle types: Car, SUV, Minivan, Crossover, Cargo Van, Sprinter, Covered Pickup, and Box Trucks. We also have riders searching driver profile listings for flatbeds and tractor-trailers.


What is an independent driver's job?

As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your vehicle costs, insurance, and fuel, as well as filing your taxes as a self-employed driver business with all applicable self-employment taxes.


How do I advertise my driving profile listing on CashRyde?

You can advertise your driving profile listing to your local area on the CashRyde Platform. Register with and purchase "Top Feature Drivers Ads" for your driver profile listing. Members needing rides by drivers can search the CashRyde’s directory and find you quickly spot your ad and review your driver profile listing then contact you directly.


What are email alerts and quick apply?

Once you register, you will begin to receive email alerts when new ride requests are posted to you. Premium driver members will receive email alerts when new ride requests are posted in their local area and posts directly for them. To respond to a ride request, check to see the best way rider wishes to be contacted and reply back within the allow timeframe. 

Register and create a free CashRyde driver account. There are no fees or charges for our basic membership. Once registered, you can add your driver profile listing to be found by our local rider members and local companies needing nearby drivers throughout the U.S.


How do I update my driver profile listing?

Login to your CashRyde dashboard with your username and password. From your dashboard, you can:

Update your driver profile listing
Search our FB groups for ride requests.
Post a driver available ads (market your business)
Change your password
Access our Driver Resources and more.


What is the premium account upgrades?

All driver memberships begin as basic accounts and offer a free private driver profile listing. You will be supplied with a link to your drivers' profile listing and can self promote via online and offline, but your listing won't show on the CashRyde network until you upgrade to premium, only after being fully verified and complete and pass a background check.

Once upgraded to a premium account, CashRyde provides you with additional features to help promote your driving business. Premium members have an upgraded driver profile picture of themself and their vehicle to their driver profile listing. As a premium member, your driver profile listing will be shown on the CashRyde Platform for our registered rider members to find. 


How do I cancel my account?

To cancel, please email with your request to cancel. Please include your name and email address.


How do I change my phone number?

We would be happy to help you change the phone number on your account. Please email our Support team at with a summary of your request. To expedite the process, please send the email from the address that’s linked to your account.


Do you do a background check on all drivers?

Yes, every driver initially receives a 7-year background check, and then quarterly thereafter.


How long will my background check take?

Online: There is typically a 24-hour turnaround on background check approvals, but please allow up to 5 - 7 days.

CashRyde Driver Stations: There is typically a 15-20 mins turnaround on background check approvals.


If you have additional questions, please email the CashRyde team at


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