The CashRyde Driver App for iPhone




Currently in Beta.

Try our iPhone apps before our official release.

The CashRyde iOS App is available through Apple TestFlight. Follow the link to install TestFlight, once installed simply follow the link once more to install the app.

For iOS users:

1. Install the latest version of the TestFlight app on your device from the Apple AppStore.

2. Subscribe for the latest app updates and we will add you to out tester list and you will be notified by the Testflight app to download the CashRyde app to your apple device.

When subscibing please use you apple email address.
















Download the CashRyde Mobile App

Our app is easy to use and very user friendly. Just enter where you want to go, select the car you like and in just a few minutes a driver will be at your doorstep. Visit CashRyde.App to learn more.