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The CashRyde Directory lets you earn cash by driving in your neighborhood and nearby locations and keep 100% of your earnings.

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The Perfect Side Hustle

Making some extra cash on the side is easy with the CashRyde Directory. When you create a free private driver profile at, you can drive in your neighborhood and nearby locations for 100% cash profit. With this plan, your driver's profile will not be visible but accessible on the CashRyde Directory for potential clients to contact you.

Find rider clients easily by sharing your driver profile link via email or social media. Your free driver profile comes equipped with tools to help you grow your new or current driving business,

Share Buttons: Boost Your Driver Profile Visibility on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and Email

Message System: With the help of pre-written, personalized messages, your clients and rider members can get in touch with you.

Rating System: Your customers can leave comments or reviews about your service, and other prospective customers can see them.

Payment Plugin: You can now quickly collect money from networks like PayPal, Square, and CashApp.

Free Tools: Unlock the Power of More Free Tools Directly on Your Driver Profile.




Driving Categories

Rideshare Driver
Airport Shuttle Driver
Bus Station Shuttle
Train Station Shuttle
Delivery Drivers
Grocery Store Drivers


How It Works...

Driver Profile - Sample

Discover the entirety of your driver profile in one place. After creating your personalized (private) driver profile on the CashRyde platform, You can start earning money by sharing your unique URL link with friends, family, or followers on social media. The income you generate through your driver profile is entirely yours to keep.

We enhance the discoverability of your driver profile to our rider members. Whenever you're prepared, upgrading your (private) driver profile ensures that it's easily found by potential riders. Your profile can be featured on the Drivers Directory, visible across up to ten different zip codes.

Maximize your driver profile's potential for passive income by enrolling in the app referral and affiliate program. This avenue empowers you to effortlessly accumulate earnings.

Here's a sample of a driver profile.





Subscription Plans

Private - Driver Profile
Added to Google Business Added to Google Maps 0 - Zip Code Visibility Verification Check Window Decal 〰️ Self Promotion
$0.00 Forever

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To create a driver profile, you must first log in.
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Public - Driver Profile
Premium Driver Profile
+ Rideshare App
Partner Driver Profile
+ Rideshare App



Compare Subscriptions

Driver Profile
Driver Profile
Driver Profile + Mobile App

$12 - $49
Message System
Message System
  Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
  Rating System
Rating System
  Add to Favorites
Add to Favorites
  Zip Code Visibility
Zip Code Visibility 0 - Zip 1, 3, 5 - Zips 10 - Zips 10 - Zips
  Background Check
Background Check Optional Optional
  Profile Image
Profile Image Optional Optional
  Extra Feature Access
Extra Feature Access Limited Optional
  Driver ID Number
Driver ID Number Optional Optional Optional
  Window Decal
Window Decal
Promotion Self Self Auto/Self Auto/Self
  Customer Support
Customer Support Chat + Email Chat + Phone Chat + Phone Chat + Phone
  Rideshare App
Rideshare App
  App Commission
App Commission 15% - 18% 0%
  Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program 5% 10% 25% 25%
  App Referral
App Referral $2 $2 $2 $2
  Reward Points
Reward Points $0 $50 - $200 $300 $500


Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a variety of skilled drivers from the private, taxi, chauffeur, and truck drivers. We're looking for committed partners that are able to provide top-notch driving services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.
You earn 100% cash profit from our rider members who contact you and request a service via your driver profile. Depending on the plan you choose one can utilize our rideshare app with a commission-free rate earning you 100% cash profit or commission-based rates between 15%-18%.
You are paid in cash instantly by rider passengers that pay you with cash. Payment is held in the "My Wallet" section of the CashRyde app. Other payments can be cashed out and deposited into your Paypal account at any time. Typically, payments will appear in your selected account in 1-2 business days.
We take care of all the behind-the-scenes operations, including platform logistics, payment processing, invoicing, and customer service. You'll benefit from our well-established reputation as a national leader in the transportation industry.

Our support team is available 7 days a week to answer any issue or question. Our driver resource center is full of tools and resources to grow your driving business and help you reach your income goals.
Aside from a car and mobile phone, we recommend the following additional products/supplies:
  1. Driver Cap
  2. Business Cards
  3. Dash Camera
You will be responsible for covering the cost of your gas.
Yes, however, it needs to be within your current living areas. We provide the research and marketing for each of our drivers. We'll make sure that your service radius is set to the area you travel for pickups and deliveries. We match drivers with riders based on the service area so it's very important to give us an accurate area. We ask that drivers are covering about a 15-mile radius of their homes.
We service many states that are up and going with clients currently using the service.

If you're not located in a listed area that's ok! CashRyde is looking to expand into other states.

We take several steps to make your driver profile visible in online searches for local drivers. Some states will require extra time to develop and launch. (See Available States)
We have many states that are already operating with established clientele and growing rapidly. You can start earning money with your driver profile when people in your local area learn about the driving service you have to offer. Depending on the plan you choose, we offer auto promotion which we will market and promote your driver profile to potential riders in your local area.

You can market & self-promote your own driver profile by visiting our driver resource center for free places to advertise, get ad copies you can use, print business cards, flyers, and much more.
If you're not located in a listed area that's OK! Our mobile app serves the whole USA, however, our nonprofit platform is currently developed for 275 cities in the US. Still signup and select 'Other States' while our expansion experts develop and launch other areas.
We are a nonprofit platform offering tech-related solutions for drivers of all kinds. Our platform offers our services for free to riders and charges a small annual fee to drivers.

Private: $29.00 annually
Prelaunch Special $11.98

Public: $59.00 annually
Prelaunch Special $29.99

(Commission Free) $289.00 annually
Prelaunch Special $89.00

(Commission Based) $39.00 Flat fee,
$25* will be added to your app wallet.

*When passengers pay with the cash option, the platform commission fee will be debited from the account wallet balance.








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